Rolfing @ KOBE by Asako FYBS

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Currently, Rolfing(R) Session in Tokyo is planned once a month for 3 days.

Please contact
for schedule.

Session Room for Tokyo is at "mallow bloom" - salon for yoga and baby massage in Tsurumaki, Setagaya.

Station for the "mallow bloom" is Sakura Shinmachi, Tokyu Denentoshi Line.

Address: 2-36-6, Tsurumaki, Setagaya ⇒ MAP

*Please contact at Asako FYBS, not mallow bloom.

  See below for contact.

Menu is same as Kobe, but price is different.
Rolfiing(R)              \13,000/session
Rolfing(R)Trial             \4,000/session
Skillful Touch              \9,000/session
Source Point Therapy(R)     \11,000/session 

 (I cannot answer the phone during sessions, so please leave a message.)

Session in TOKYO